Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Lows These Days

It seems like Mattel has started listening to our requests about unique barbies,but they've gone to a new low.A new Barbie doll is here,but the problem?She's covered in tattoos.As I was searching for a new barbie doll for my daughter Jeannie on google,I had stumbled upon a picture of a tattoo Barbie doll.There is no way my daughter is ever getting her hands on one of those.It's like when you ask for something,you get it,but there is always a price.Tsk-tsk,what to do about this?

Next is Monster High.The dolls are almost as non-appropriate as the cartoons.For example,Clawdeen.
Do you see how she is dressed? It seems every doll wants to give girls bad examples.It does not help that she has to shave and wax either.I would rather buy a Bratz doll for my kid than this,wait,no.Those are both equally awful.There is also a Gloom Beach line,as skimpy as beach barbie.My kid only has one Monster High which she recieved on her recent 8th birthday.It was a Draculaura,thank god.But,is it just me,or do people want to teach our daughters that to impress boys,you have to wear tight,low cut clothing?I had explained to my daughter about these dolls because she kept asking me why do the dolls get so much attention.I guess she knows now.